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All too often, it is clear in Appalachian Ohio that geographic inequities create an opportunity gap for the people who call our communities home. Inequity runs rampant, especially barriers to education, employment, and essential quality-of-life opportunities. The pride we share for Appalachian Ohio is forged with steadfast determination to unleash the potential of our communities and all those who call them home.

The challenges we face.

philanthropic resources
This means fewer resources for community organizations, classroom projects, student scholarships and more. Make a gift and help close the gap. Donate
monthly income
Give to support stronger communities and more economic opportunity in Appalachian Ohio. Find Projects
of life lost
Play a part in increasing quality and length of life across our communities, both today and tomorrow. Find Projects
adults with some college education
Make a difference to Appalachian Ohio’s educators and students while increasing opportunities for educational advancement. Find Projects
Arts & Culture resources
This means fewer opportunities to access and appreciate the arts. Help create abundant Arts & Culture opportunities. Find Projects

Making a difference through our work.

Cause Connector is just one way we are working with people like you to make an impact for our communities. If you like the feeling of making a difference through Cause Connector, keep that feeling going by creating a fund to support grants or scholarships. And remember, with every gift to a Cause Connector project you give to the Foundation's I’m a Child of Appalachia Fund to meet the most pressing needs and pursue the most promising opportunities for Appalachian Ohio.

I’m a Child of Appalachia Fund
FAO's I’m a Child of Appalachia Fund supports programming in all five FAO Pillar areas and in every county within the region. What started as a hallmark program of the Foundation to encourage the children of Appalachia to hold high expectations has grown to fuel a region-wide opportunity distribution system. The Fund actively addresses the region’s philanthropy gap by investing in bright spots – those solutions to commonly shared challenges that can expand across the 32 counties of Appalachian Ohio.
In 2021, FAO averaged more than three grants awarded each day. These grants support nonprofit and public organizations making an impact and creating opportunities for Appalachian Ohio’s people and communities. Learn what grant opportunities are currently available to your nonprofit or public organization.
FAO proudly manages 600 charitable funds established by donors like you, including 13 local community foundation funds and the regional African American Community Fund. To offer permanent support to the communities and causes that are most important to you, create a fund with FAO that grows opportunity through ongoing grants or scholarships. These funds can be designed to support a particular cause or organization, help students succeed through scholarships, or function similarly to a private or family foundation.

Featured project.

A Day in the Ring

Support an opportunity for youth and adults with developmental differences to experience 4-H at the Vinton County Junior Fair.

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Wall of appreciation spotlight.

The American Electric Power Foundation and the AEP Ohio Foundation

From education to environmental stewardship, AEP has long worked with FAO to advance a brighter future for the region.

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