Honoring those growing opportunity for Appalachian Ohio.

Cause Connector works because people come together to create opportunity. All of our gifts make a greater difference when they are paired up with the generosity of others. Here are just a few of the many donors partnering with FAO to make a difference by supporting projects featured on Cause Connector.

Image courtesy of Christa Myers.

The American Electric Power Foundation and the AEP Ohio Foundation
From education to environmental stewardship, AEP has long worked with FAO to advance a brighter future for the region.
Tom & Rhonda Stemmer
When Tom and Rhonda Stemmer learned about the FAO Cause Connector pilot project, they were inspired to fund a wide variety of projects, from services for seniors, to shoes for children, education about the Underground Railroad, and more.
Jan & Tom Hodson
With an IRA transfer to the I’m a Child of Appalachia Fund, Jan and Tom Hodson were able to support the region they call home and see their gift matched dollar-for-dollar.