Your Brain on Aging

Project led by Clermont Senior Services, Inc.

About the project.

This project supported professional facilitation and refreshments at three workshops designed to connect caregivers as well as an aging population with resources on brain aging, brain health, and dementia.

FAO staff comments.

With a growing aging population, not only in Appalachian Ohio, but throughout the United States, the subject of brain health is increasingly important for senior citizens as well as other community members, especially caregivers, to learn to navigate and mitigate changes to brain health.

Success since funding.

In total, 81 people attended the workshops from three counties.

Clermont Senior Services, Inc. reported that throughout the series of presentations, they witnessed several older adults having “light bulb moments” – realizing with relief that things they are experiencing in life are due to normal aging and not brain impairment.

The series was also valuable for caregivers, who were empowered to better understand the situations of their loved ones.

This project will continue making an impact far into the future – both because the investment in FAO’s I’m a Child of Appalachia Fund will continue to support programs like this one, and because Clermont Senior Services saw an opportunity to partner with the professional facilitator to record a podcast session for their “Wisdom for the Ages” program, which will continue sharing the lessons learned at the agency’s workshops.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Health & Human Services
Funds Raised

$500 to support the ‘Your Brain on Aging’ project today, and $500 to support similar initiatives through the I'm a Child of Appalachia Fund tomorrow.

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