Water Quality Testing from Green Acres – Student Supplies

Project led by Noble Local School District

About the project.

Shenandoah Elementary offers an Intro to Outdoors course at the middle school level. During this course, students explore various outdoor activities as well as conservation of our natural resources. While the other program elements have been funded, just $400 is need to would support the purchase of rubber knee high boots students can wear when monitoring the stream that runs near the school building and is a water source for “Green Acres”. Green Acres is the district’s livestock farm that is in process of being developed.

By having the equipment to monitor the water quality of the stream prior to an increase in livestock on the farm, students can provide longitudinal data of water quality and how various conservation efforts to protect water quality impact the stream. Shenandoah Elementary, which is one of the only STEM-designated schools in Southeast Ohio, continues to explore opportunities to engage our students in authentic learning and
potential careers for their future.

Monitoring our stream for runoff and water quality will provide a real world problem and allow students to develop strategies to protect the stream that could then be applied to other local streams as they partner with local livestock farmers to protect their water sources.

FAO staff comments.

STEM education is essential for students. By providing the last $400 needed for this project, donors can support access to hands on environmental science.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Funds Raised

Funding will support final dollars needed to purchase knee high wading boots for student use.

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