Urban Mission Works Program for Shelter Guests

Project led by Urban Mission Ministries, Inc.

About the project.

The Urban Mission Works Program for Shelter Guests provides an opportunity for guests staying at an Urban Mission shelter to engage in life skills and job readiness programming, as well as meaningful work within a supportive environment. Guests staying at the shelter and participating in the Urban Mission Works Program can also earn income during their stay and receive assistance to meet their housing success plan goals upon departure from the shelter. Through the Urban Mission Works (Shelter Guest) Program, not only can we provide a step in the right direction to locate permanent housing, but extend real opportunities to obtain an education, acquire a stable job, and receive ongoing support to ensure success.

Presentation of Urban Mission Works:
Upon arrival at an Urban Mission shelter, shelter guests are invited to participate in Urban Mission Works. While participation in Urban Mission Works is not mandatory for shelter guests, it is strongly encouraged as shelter guests receive personalized care and attention as well as opportunities for advancement while staying in the shelter.

Application to Urban Mission Works:
Urban Mission shelter staff work closely with shelter guests to complete the Urban Mission Works application process, which includes a questionnaire regarding the shelter guests’ areas of interest, skills, and gifts.

Orientation for Urban Mission Works:
All participants must attend an orientation to the Urban Mission and to the Urban Mission Works program. Orientations are held weekly and conducted by an Urban Mission staff member or trained intern.

Work Site Specific Training for Urban Mission Works:
After shelter guests are placed within a work site, an Urban Mission staff member will be designated to provide ongoing training and supervision for participants. Participants will have the opportunity to work at three work training sites before completing the program. Urban Mission Works will offer training certifications in each work training site, if available. Shelter guests can also advance in their time of employment at the Urban Mission by providing peer support, training, and supervision to other participants.

Participant Support & Personal Development for Urban Mission Works:
Each participant will benefit from one-on-one coaching and the support they will receive from an Urban Mission Works mentor or staff member. Mentors will work closely with program participants to assist them in developing their own Individual Success Plan (ISP) as well as meeting goals outlined in their Housing Success Plan.

FAO staff comments.

The Urban Mission Works provides people accessing shelter services from Urban Mission Ministries with the wraparound supports necessary to alleviate the need for future services.

While the shelter provides basic needs support – shelter and meals – the Urban Mission Works programs connects clients with life skills and job training programming needed to connect them with paid employment opportunities that enables the future acquisition of stable housing and employment.

Participants also receive one-on-one coaching to guide them through the program and the process of getting back on their feet during a time when they need the support of others most.

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Connect Urban Mission Ministries shelter guests with life skills and job readiness programming.

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  • Belmont
  • Carroll
  • Harrison
  • Jefferson

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