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Project led by Lewisville Community Volunteer Fire Department

About the project.

In 2014 the Lewisville Community Volunteer Fire Department began raising funds to build a much-needed new firehouse. At the end of 2021 we were able to move into our new building, which offers us much more space for our apparatuses and equipment. We were able to raise about 75% of the costs of the new building through private donations, grants, and fundraising. We are still raising funds in order to pay off the loan as quickly as we can. 

We built the new firehouse with the goal of not only being a fire department, but to also be an emergency shelter for the community. We have purchased a Generac generator which will be able to run the building if we lose power. We felt like this was important because we wanted to make sure that this building is truly a cornerstone of our community. 

Not included in the price of our building was the furnishings that we need. These needs include tables and chairs, lockers for the volunteer’s turnout gear, desks and office chairs, and other small appliances for the kitchen. We would like to focus on the Aluminum Turnout Gear Lockers which will be customized to fit our needs. The estimated costs from the welder is $8,500.00. 

FAO staff comments.

The Lewisville Community Volunteer Fire Department successfully raised funds to build a new firehouse that will further serve the community as an emergency shelter.

However, often times capital projects like these do not include the other furnishings needed to truly complete the project and maximize its usefulness for the community. This Cause Connector project will support the construction of up to 30 turnout gear lockers for Lewisville volunteer firefighters, providing a consistent place to store their gear until the next time it is needed to respond to an emergency situation in the parts of Monroe County served by the volunteer fire department.

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The estimated cost per locker is $385.

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