Thornville Activity Committee – Special Events

Project led by Village of Thornville

About the project.

The Village of Thornville along with the new creation of the TAC (Thornville Activities) Committee seeks funding to re-create Special Events for the residents of the Village of Thornville and all surrounding neighborhoods. These events will all be family oriented to include many children’s activities to promote health, socialization, friendships and fun for the community while also highlighting the genuineness of small-town living. The Village hopes to have July 4th Community Event, Food Truck Rally’s, Parades & our “It’s A Wonderful life in Thornville” Christmas Celebration in 2022.

$5000 in funding would support signs, advertising, bounce houses, face painting and games for children, music venue, postage, decorations, flyers, food, park preparation, permits, picnic tables for the park events along with folding tables for the food truck rally’s, ice cream social and other items that would allow showcase the Village on special patriotic celebrations. (July 4th & Memorial Day).

The Village has been without community celebrations and special events for many years and hopes to bring them back for our local and surrounding citizens of Perry County. The project will be able to continue with partial funding.

FAO staff comments.

Community events and celebrations are a large part of residents feeling happy and connected. Funding for this project would help bring back community events for the residents of Perry County.

Project Status
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Community & Economic Development
Funds Raised

Funding will support special events for the Village of Thornville.

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