Super Snack Program

Project led by Logan Hocking School District

About the project.

The Super Snack program seeks to serve children in the Logan Hocking School District who stay after school to participate in a variety of activities. These students do not typically have the time or ability to go home and get something to eat before returning for their activity. All of the students in the Logan Hocking School District receive a free breakfast and lunch due to the districts Free and Reduced Price Lunch status. As a result, the two meals provided by the school are often the only consistent meals a student receives.

The Super Snack program provides students with much needed nutrition, setting them up to perform at their best during their after-school activities. This project would support the program through the rest of the 2020-2021 school year.

FAO staff comments.

Students face food insecurity challenges during the time between the school day and extracurricular activities. Students, especially older students, don’t have access to food between their lunch time and after-school activities. This program addresses that specific gap and ensures older students have access to hearty snacks between school hours and other activities.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Health & Human Services
Funds Raised

$10,000 to support the Super Snack program today, and $10,000 to support similar projects through the I'm a Child of Appalachia Fund.

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