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Perry County children ages 6-14 will take part in the no-cost summer day camp–“Summer YouthShops!. The program includes a free breakfast and lunch and involves kids in hands-on outdoor activities.  Children explore the nearby forest, play in the streams, create art works, put on skits, and take part in Buckeye Trail maintenance and village beautification projects. Guest artists, nature science experts, and living history speakers provide a rich array of experience and enlightenment.  

The program positively impacts children and families in Perry County by providing a no-cost day-camp that promotes: life lessons, joy, creativity, and friendship.   

Last year, the Theater was able to budget and oversee five (5) weeks of youthshops day-camp. With donations totaling $3,000 camp could be extended by two weeks to seven (7) weeks!  This includes support of two swim days at Nelsonville Pool, healthy lunches, and a portion of 2wks camp counselor pay. 

The Tecumseh Theater serves as the base of operations and provides ample space when there is impending weather, or creating a performance art piece for camp.  While the floor carpeting in the New Linda Commons has done its job –As you can see in the photo – a new floor is needed.  YouthShops! Campers and staff agree. $2,000 will contribute to a new vinyl composite spill resistant floor! 

FAO staff comments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all Arts & Culture organizations and has created particular challenges for smaller organizations with less access to resources.

Arts & Culture organizations serving Appalachian Ohio have access to ten times fewer resources than those in other parts of the state. This makes community support for activities, especially those impacting young people, like the Summer YouthShops, extremely important.

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Funding will support summer YouthShops programming and improvements to the Tecumseh Theater Commons.

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