Summer Science Enrichment of Plants and Animals

Project led by Zanesville Civic League

About the project.

Zanesville Civic League is working on a “World of Plants and Animals” project for the summer program. We wish to help the young people we serve learn about the life cycle of plants and animals while making it more enjoyable. We strive to have a more in-depth discussion of how the circle of life is affected, including us humans. Our children’s discovery requires elements lacking in our scientific area, and we need financial support to achieve this.

We are a licensed childcare facility serving between twenty-seven to thirty youth. Our ultimate goal is to improve our science learning equipment to provide children with access to resources we presently do not possess.

We intend to accomplish this on a daily basis through a variety of activities and field trips. Birds, for example, can provide a week’s worth of entertainment. We will watch birds, make bird feeders, build nests, incubate eggs, and hatch chicks. That week’s field trip will take us to Dillion State Park. At each station, there is a storybook path with various birds discussed. This encourages children to read and teaches them about different birds. When a child does not feel like they are learning, they will retain a wide range of information!

This is only a sample of the events we have planned. We aim to make sure that all of the kids learn while still having fun.

FAO staff comments.

The Zanesville Civic League is a century-old institution providing essential programming to young people on the east side of Zanesville.

While there are many opportunities for literacy and math enrichment during school and out-of-school time, science enrichment activities are often harder to provide. Support for this project will enable the Civic League to purchase science equipment and materials to support young people to learn more about the plants and animals they encounter in their own backyards and enabling a lifelong love of science in their everyday lives.


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Support science enrichment activities for kids in Zanesville.

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