Summer Arts Theatre Production

Project led by Perry County Cultural Arts Center

About the project.

This Cause Connector project supports art education for children in Perry County.  

The Perry County Cultural Arts Center’s summer arts program provides classes, workshops, and private lessons to children in Perry County, teaching various lessons and activities including music, painting, and recycling. This summer, the Center will host a two week workshop where children will learn all aspects of a musical theatre production through the musical Hansel and Gretel.

This project will support the center’s art education program by allowing them to purchase supplies and fund instructors.

FAO staff comments.

Now more than ever, children lack access to arts education. The Perry County Cultural Arts Center provides annual valuable summer arts programming to children in Perry County. This opportunity will allow children to learn all aspects of a community production, encouraging creativity and engagement.

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Funding will support arts education through theatre for children in Perry County.

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