Southside Park Renovation

Project led by City of Wellston

About the project.

The City of Wellston is excited to announce its next planned project: the Southside Park Renovation Project. 

The park, in its current state, is functional and safe, although barely used. To make better use of this lot, and since it already houses a basketball court and the small Blamer Baseball field, we would like to implement a first for Jackson County – an outdoor fitness area. 

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to afford to go to the gym, and outdoor fitness parks make this possible. The entire community would have an equal opportunity to get in shape. Setting up fitness parks have been shown to attract tourism and would make a great addition to the already existing bike path within the City. With more visitors, the community’s local businesses will flourish, which is great for the economy! Older adults will have the chance to meet new people, neighbors will have a chance to bond, which will improve the safety of our community. 

This project is expected to impact the entirety of the City of Wellston, along with neighboring communities, and those who choose Wellston as a summer camping destination. 

This project also includes crushed brick for Blamer Field, along with fencing for the basketball court. 

About the project.

Outdoor spaces with activities for people of all ages and abilities are essential to creating a welcoming community. The Southside Park renovation project will create another gathering space in the City of Wellston, building on a tremendous amount progress and development in the community in recent years.

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Community & Economic Development
Funds Needed

Dollars will support crushed brick for Blamer Field, new picnic tables for the shelter, and fencing for the basketball court at Southside Park.

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