Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Calming Kits

Project led by Scioto Valley Local School District - Jasper Elementary

About the project.

With funding from Cause Connector, After School Discovery (ASD) will purchase Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Calming Kits. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Calming Kits will help students focus on identifying and exploring their emotions while learning to emotionally self-regulate.

These student-friendly kits will provide students a safe space to process those emotions while also teaching coping skills. Calming kits are useful tools that help teachers cut down on classroom management issues, as well as support teachers as they help children learn strategies to identify and regulate their emotions. These skills are critical to social-emotional and academic learning and are great for supporting students with sensory processing needs.

SEL calming kits will be made available to all of the teachers in grades K-4 at Jasper Elementary for a total of 25 teachers and potentially impacting at least 450 -500 students.

FAO staff comments.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a crucial part of an educational environment where students feel safe and confident to experience growth and success. Studies have shown an improvement in standardized test scores and an increase in academic achievement for students that participate in SEL.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Funds Raised

Dollars will support the purchasing of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Calming Kits for Jasper Elementary.

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