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Project led by Deersville Community Players

About the project.

Deersville Community Theatre is a very active, all volunteer theater group. Located in the charming, Appalachian town of Deersville which is located near Tappan and Clendening Lakes, in rural Harrison County. The Theatre produces at least two live theatrical performances each year and are tasked with caring for the historically significant, town hall building which was built in 1917. Deersville Community Theatre is proud to have it listed on the National Historic Registry and strive to keep it as current and viable as they can. The theater is the only arts and culture venue in Harrison County and is beloved by those who participate in and attend shows. 

This Cause Connector project would support the addition of a much needed “traveler” style stage curtain. A curtain of this type would provide the ability to change scenes easily by simply pulling a curtain to hide what is onstage. It would make set changes between scenes happen smoothly and with minimal amount of stagehands. These curtains are basic requirements that most theaters use during every production. Unfortunately, the Theatre has never had one, making this a longstanding dream. 

FAO staff insight.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all Arts & Culture organizations and has created particular challenges for smaller organizations with less access to resources.

Arts & Culture organizations serving Appalachian Ohio have access to ten times fewer resources than those in other parts of the state. This makes community support for dreams like the new stage curtain essential.

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Funding will support the purchase of a needed new stage curtain.

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