Mulberry Community Garden Expansion Project

Project led by Meigs County Farmers Market LLC

About the project.

The garden at the Mulberry Community Center garden, in Pomeroy, serves as a place for local community members to raise their own healthy, nutritious foods as well as providing designated beds for the Mulberry Community Kitchen to raise fresh produce for the kitchen. The garden consists of nine (9) garden beds set up on legs to be at a wheelchair-accessible height. Seven of the beds are for community members to reserve and the other two are for the community kitchen.

This expansion project would include building cold frames for the garden beds to extend the growing season. In addition, the expansion project would include two (2) herb beds for use by the kitchen staff as well as those residents who utilize the gardens.

One of the beds was used in 2021 by a local group of underprivileged children who learned how to be successful gardeners. This group will continue to use the garden to teach children gardening skills in the coming years. The individuals who utilized the garden in 2021 were either novice gardeners or seasoned gardeners who did not wish to go to all of the work and expense of building a garden at their home, or people who simply did not have a place to build a garden. 

FAO staff comments.

Community gardens allow for a unique opportunity to build a greater feeling of community. These connections empower residents to feel safer in their community, eat fresh local produce, and learn new skills.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Environmental Stewardship
Funds Raised

Funding will support the creation of additional cold-frame garden beds to extend the growing season.

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