Meigs Primary Summer Reading Program

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About the project.

If a child is able to read books over the summer months, there is a drastic decrease in the chances of “summer reading slide,” in which students lose gains in academic achievement from the previous school year.

That’s what prompted an educator at Meigs Primary School to launch the Meigs Primary Summer Reading Program, which provides each child in kindergarten through second grade with 12 books of their choice to take home over the summer and return in the fall. The program collaborates with the countywide summer meals program to provide free lunches, activities with volunteer teachers, and opportunities for students to exchange their 12 books with other books at their reading level.

The project was launched six years ago, and has seen an average of 330-350 students participating each year. The program currently goes through 3,000-4,000 books every summer, and access to these books over the summer has made a demonstrable impact.

Before the program was implemented, 33% of students at Meigs Primary School were losing at least one level of reading over the summer months. Now, only 15% of students experience this summer reading slide.

About 80-85% of books are reliably returned to be stored at the primary school, available for check-out during the school year. However, a combination of lost books and natural wear and tear over six years of use has left the program in need of additional books and supplies.

In order to continue eliminating summer reading slide and connecting students with summer learning opportunities, the project is in need of additional funding and support.

FAO staff comments.

FAO has made it a priority to connect children throughout our communities with high-quality books and other educational resources because we understand the critical importance of education in allowing our children to realize their full potential. We also know that the right tools are critical to supporting education and inspiring learning.

The Meigs Primary Summer Reading Program is an example of the impact that access to these educational resources can have. We are inspired by the work that educators in Meigs County have put in to make this program possible, and this funding will allow those teachers to sustain the program throughout the years to come.

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$500 for the Meigs Primary Summer Reading Program today, and $500 to support future projects through the I'm a Child of Appalachia Fund.

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