Meigs County Schools Food Pantry

Project led by Meigs County Foundation

About the project.

The Meigs County Foundation, in partnership with Meigs Local, Eastern Local, and Southern Local school districts, created a county-wide, school-based food pantry that will provide a monthly, year-round distribution of healthy and nutritious food to school-aged children and their families impacted by food insecurity.  

The impact of COVID-19 on students and families has been significant: 51% of Eastern Local students, 84% of Meigs Local students, 77% of Southern Local students, and 40% of Alexander student received free and reduced-price lunch.  

This program provides monthly food boxes to students and their families in Meigs County that include shelf stable food items, milk, bread and produce.  

Food boxes are packed and distributed at the Meigs Local Central office in Pomeroy and some boxes are transported to partner schools to distribute to families. Schools are often the closest to provide resources to students and families, allowing the program to meet needs where they are.  

The monthly cost per family served is around $20 and the committee spearheading this project is looking for three months of support for 120 families in the county. 


FAO staff comments.

Food insecurity impacts so many in our communities. While many programs provide food specifically for students or seniors, this program provides food to support entire families, focusing on staple items, including dairy products, that are often difficult to source from other programs. In its first year, the program has grown to serve over 100 families each month.

Further, the program will support students and families by delivering resources where they are most easily reached: the school building itself. This program will work in close collaboration between the Meigs County Foundation, local school districts, local businesses and providers, and others looking to support the Meigs County community.

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Health & Human Services
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$20 supports food for one family each month.

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Visit the Meigs County Foundation’s Facebook page to learn more about its work and the Meigs County Schools Food Pantry distributions.


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