Meigs County Museum Genealogy Ceiling Project

Project led by Meigs County Pioneer Center and Historical Society

About the project.

Two years ago the Meigs County Pioneer Center and Historical Society moved to a larger facility. Numerous renovations were necessary including a handicap entranceway and bathroom, new heating and light systems, replacement windows and air purifiers. These projects have all been completed through grant funding, and necessary ceiling improvements are the last project.

With the Center hosting numerous visitors from across the nation, improvements are needed to ensure collections are well kept.

FAO staff comments.

Organizations in Appalachian Ohio, like the Meigs County Historical Society, have access to nine times fewer philanthropic resources compared to the rest of the state. This means often long needed improvements must wait, sometimes years before being completed. With the Meigs County Museum and Genealogical Center home to precious local history, support can ensure these records remain safe for years to come.

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Funding will support improvements to the Meigs County Museum and Genealogical Center Ceiling.

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