Leesburg Depot Roof Replacement

Project led by Leesburg Area Historical Society

About the project.

The Leesburg Area Historical Society is working to restore our 1899 B&O train depot, which we purchased in 2019. Our goal is to return the exterior to its original appearance and to modernize the interior, creating a flexible and fully accessible gathering space. We plan to offer history and culture programs and exhibits for all citizens of Fairfield Township, including schoolchildren, families, and seniors.

We will also make this unique space available for civic and private events. We expect that the beautification of the depot and grounds will spur economic growth, improve citizen well-being, and draw tourism to our village. The exterior phase of our project has been backed by a $100,000 grant from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, but we cannot initiate that portion of the construction until we have the full amount of our construction contract secured. We urgently need to replace the roof of the building so that moisture can be kept out while we complete fundraising for the rest of the exterior. We are asking for donations to help stabilize one corner of the building, repair some trusses, and purchase roofing material which will be installed at cost by a local contractor. 

FAO staff comments.

Historical groups like the Leesburg Area Historical Society are vital local groups who rely almost entirely on the time, talent, and treasure of local volunteers. Groups like these work tirelessly to maintain the cultural heritage of their local communities while creating new economic value and potential in their communities. Capital improvements like roof replacements are often the first essential step to returning these spaces full of cultural heritage and history to their rightful place as community cornerstones.

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To make an online donation to this project, please use the form below. For larger gifts or to donate in other ways (e.g. stock transfer, IRA transfer, or a gift through a donor advised fund), please visit appalachianohio.org/create/ways-to-give.

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Stabilize the Leesburg Depot roof to enable it to reach its full potential.

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