Hurt to Hope – Youth Resiliency

Project led by Pike County YMCA

About the project.

To respond to the needs of young people in Pike County, the YMCA developed a program called “Hurt to Hope.” Focused on creating a safe and supportive place for the community’s young people who are facing challenges at home, Hurt to Hope provides Pike County youth with free memberships to the YMCA, as well as access to counseling, activities, academic support, and a place to be understood and encouraged. An innovative pilot in growing resiliency in the children of Appalachia, Hurt to Hope and the Pike County YMCA offer a direct way for young people to feel secure and appreciated as they grow friendships and develop the skills for success in school, in their communities, and beyond. Gifts to this effort will support the YMCA in welcoming more young people with memberships and a place among friends. 

FAO staff comments.

We know how important it is for our region’s young people to feel supported, encouraged and cared for. The Pike County YMCA seeks to serve children who may be facing challenges at home and provide them with a support system of peers and educators. Though social, emotional and academic growth, these young people learn important lessons of resiliency.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Health & Human Services
Funds Raised

$1,800 to support 6 YMCA memberships today, and $1,800 to create future opportunities through the I'm a Child of Appalachia Fund.

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