How Does Your Garden Grow

Project led by Cherry Ridge Therapeutic Learning Programs

About the project.

The Cherry Ridge Therapeutic Learning Programs hope to develop How Your Garden Grows as an addition to the already existing, successful pollinator program in their Butterfly Sanctuary. The How Your Garden Grows learning program would incorporate the following education: how plants and food can grow in a greenhouse, a raised bed, or a garden plot; what organic soil needs and doesn’t need; and how to combat pests, wildlife, and weeds.  The learning program will be offered to existing Cherry Ridge Therapeutic students, their families and friends of Adams, Brown, Clermont and Highland Counties.  The goal is for students to indulge in nature as they learn about raising organic vegetables and flowers for the pollinators and enjoy the fruits of their labor in an experiential outdoor classroom setting.

FAO staff comments.

The How Your Garden Grows program would provide children from Brown, Clermont, Highland, and Adams counties with programming to learn about local food systems and gardening through hands on activities with their family, something many children have not experienced due to access and opportunity.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Environmental Stewardship
Funds Raised

$3,345 to support the How Does Your Garden Grow project today, and $3,345 to support similar projects through the I'm a Child of Appalachia Fund.

Benefits 4 counties
  • Adams
  • Brown
  • Clermont
  • Highland

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