HCCC Sound Project

Project led by Hocking County Children's Chorus

About the project.

Cause Connector funding will support the purchase of 12 additional wireless microphones for use in musical productions. As the Chorus continues to grow, the need for sound equipment grows as well. Over the past seven years, with hard work and the generous support of the community, the HCCC continues to slowly build a quality sound system that allows audiences to hear the children during their theater performances. Each wireless system consists of a microphone, a transmitter that fits into a belt that goes around the child, a receiver, and an antenna.

Trained community volunteers and adult HCCC Alumni as “Microphone Technicians” work backstage, transferring microphones and transmitters from one child to another between scenes. It is a logistical challenge. This past year, funds were used to purchase additional microphones and belts, in an effort to be as sanitary as possible. However, the HCCC could not afford additional transmitters with the corresponding receivers. Mic Techs were frenetically busy, sharing 4 wireless microphone transmitters between 15 different children with solo parts.


FAO staff comments.

Research indicates that children who are involved in programs, such as the HCCC, have improved attitudes toward their schoolwork, learn to communicate more effectively, and are more motivated to be involved in their communities as they grow. The HCCC has experienced this firsthand – over the past year, 18 HCCC Alumni returned to assist with the theater productions. HCCC Choristers also volunteer at our SE Ohio Foodbank, and the United Way of Hocking County!

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Funding will support the purchasing of additional wireless microphones for the children's chorus.

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