Furniture for Children

Project led by Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter

About the project.

Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter is a family homeless shelter in Southeast Ohio. We serve families and individuals from all aspects of life. Often when a family comes to us, they only have what they are able to bring with them. We work with partner agencies to make sure that families who are being housed have the basic necessities, but this does not always cover items specifically for children. When a family is moving into housing, sometimes for the very first time, it is important for a child to be able to make a space ‘theirs’. We would like to help them be able to do that by providing small furniture or bedding items of their choosing. Sometimes, we have children who have never slept in an actual bed before they come to the shelter. 

Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter does not completely outfit the housing for the clients. But sometimes, having that one thing that is yours, helps you to work harder to maintain sustainability. It is the same for children, and sustainability is what keeps families from being homeless. 

FAO staff comments.

Stable homes are essential to family resiliency, especially for the youngest family members. There is a great deal of dignity and ownership offered through the choice of something to call your own.

This project led by the Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter will empower the youngest among us impacted by housing instability to select a small furniture item or bedding of their choice to make their new house a home.

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Provide furniture and bedding for kids in Hocking County to make new homes their own.

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