Family Playground for FOH Patient Visitors

Project led by Field of Hope Community Campus

About the project.

Current residential client visits take place in the residential Hope House. Space is very limited, especially for families with children. The playground equipment will create an atmosphere where mothers and children can strengthen their relationships without the stressors of constant redirection and awkward conversation of the visiting children.

Most children coming to visit our residential clients have undergone some element of family estrangement, making their 2-hour visitation at a table with 16 women and children strained. Playground play will provide opportunities to focus on rebuilding relationships and encourage continued progress in the recovery program of our clients.  The playground will be located directly behind the Hope House on a former tennis court surface.

FAO staff comments.

Families in recovery need safe spaces to connect and continue to build positive relationships. This playground would provide a safe space for children and mothers to connect and encourage recovery.

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Project Status
Areas of Investment
Health & Human Services
Funds Needed

Funding will support the purchase of a playground to bring comfort to Field of Hope Patient visitors and their families.

Benefits 3 counties
  • Gallia
  • Jackson
  • Meigs

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