Enhancing Food Storage for an Adams County Food Bank

Project led by Inter-Faith Assistance Association, Inc.

About the project.

The food bank managed by the Inter-Faith Assistance Association serves a rapidly growing client base of 400 families, or 12,411 people. Due to the growing number of people served by the food bank, the Association grew to require a larger and safer space to stock food.

Funding through the Cause Connector pilot project allowed the Association to purchase a shed to meet that need. Previously, the Association stored non-food items such as mowers, gas cans, and more in the same space as dry and canned foods for the food bank.

FAO staff comments.

Food security is a major issue facing many of Appalachian Ohio’s communities. By supporting the capital assets needed to make the food bank more sustainable, the purchase of the shed enhanced the Association’s mission of enhancing food security in Adams County.

Success since funding.

The shed has been purchased, now allowing the Association to store non-food items separately from food, which enhances food safety while also creating more room for food storage.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Health & Human Services
Funds Raised

$529 to support the food bank’s purchase of a shed to enhance food storage today, and $529 to support similar initiatives through the I'm a Child of Appalachia Fund tomorrow.

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  • Adams

Want to learn more?

Contact FAO at 740.753.1111 or info@ffao.org with any questions.