Emergency Grocery Support

Project led by Reaching Out Ministries LLC

About the project.

This project will allow Reaching Out Ministries to provide emergency groceries each month to families experiencing an unexpected, emergency need.

Reaching Out Ministries strives to help serve the community and make it a better place to grow and live. One of the goals is to feed the surrounding areas of Pike County. This is done by preparing food in the church kitchen (commercial) and loading that food onto a food trailer. Volunteers arrive at the destination with hot, ready-to-eat meals to pass to each child and their family. Reaching Out Ministries also has clothing distributions two times a year during the warmer months, packed with clothes and other home good items at no charge to families.

There are close to 60 volunteers who give their time, energy, and finances to provide for this much needed cause. It was first thought of as a critical need for the community that is now seen as outreach to meet a critical need in Appalachia. 


FAO staff comments.

Food insecurity was a problem prior to the pandemic and that need has only grown. This program will provide groceries for those most in need and facing emergency situations.

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Funding will support the Emergency Grocery Program.

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