Decodable Readers

Project led by Cambridge Alumni and Friends Educational Fund

About the project.

The importance of reading is undeniable. Reading expands the mind, allows for creative thinking, helps improve concentration, helps with vocabulary and will overall change the readers life for the better. 

Traditional reading methods as we know it has changed and any boost that young readers can be given to improve reading skills is a win. Decodable reading books help students become better readers. Use of decodable books helps students practice phonics skills. Students who learn phonics master the sound/symbol code, enabling them to read and spell. These books could be used for daily lessons and / or can help support building classroom libraries at both Cambridge Primary School and Cambridge Intermediate School. 


FAO staff comments.

FAO has made it a priority to connect children throughout our communities with high-quality books and other educational resources because we understand the critical importance of education in allowing our children to realize their full potential. We also know that the right tools are critical to supporting education and inspiring learning.

This project serves as an example of the impact that access to these educational resources can have.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Funds Raised

Funding will support the purchase of decodable reading books to help students excel in their education.

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