Creative Abundance Model

Project led by Passion Works

About the project.

Passion Works is a joy-filled, colorful, inter-abled art studio in Athens, Ohio. Passion Works has successfully transitioned from a sheltered workshop to an independently-run art studio, with artists-in-residence. Building on an 18-year partnership with the Storytelling Institute at Ohio University, Passion Works Studio is:

  1. expanding its creation, production, and distribution of upcycled art products;
  2. extending the geographical reach of Passion Works activities through their Mobile Art Project, and
  3. sharing their Creative Abundance Model through a multimodal experiential training center.

Passion Works has a 22-year legacy of disrupting deficit-based narratives of disability and employing individuals with developmental differences through collaborative art and an asset-based orientation. The Storytelling Institute explores and enhances strengths and potential through the lens of Appreciative Inquiry. Together, they collaborate to disseminate the Creative Abundance Model.

FAO staff comments.

Passion Works is pillar of art and community engagement in southeastern Ohio. This project will support the continued work of expanding the reach of Passion Works as they continue to support and empower differently abled local artists through the use of upcycled materials.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Environmental Stewardship
Funds Raised

Dollars will support Passion Works and the Creative Abundance Model Project.

Every $500 raised through Cause Connector will activate a $500 bonus for the project from the Flournoy family, up to a goal of $10,000!

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  • Athens

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