Carroll County Imagination Library

Project led by United Way of Greater Stark County

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According to the Ohio Department of Education, more than one-third of students in Carroll County School Districts scored in the “emerging” range for the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment and would need additional interventions and support. Many children begin school unprepared, and the likelihood that they will catch up is almost impossible. This fact can increase the chance of poor graduation rates and a lack of skills that are necessary to enter the workforce.

Carrollton is a vibrant, successful community and the Imagination Library helps to ensure success of the future. The United Way of Greater Stark County wants all children to have access to the books and materials to help build a life of success. A love of reading helps drive achievement. A unique aspect of the program is that all children in Carroll County, birth to age five, are able to participate. No child is turned away. The cost per child is $25 a year. All dollars go toward the registration costs of those enrolled.

FAO staff comments.

Evidence shows that focus on early literacy skills forms the foundation for later academic achievement. Dolly Parton Imagination Library programs provide books to our youngest neighbors from birth to their 5th birthday monthly to make sure all children have access to their own books. The program also provides information to families to make sure their reading time with children is that much more enriching.

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