Cambridge Primary School Playground

Project led by Cambridge City Schools

About the project.

Cambridge City Schools would like to replace an outdated playground at the Cambridge Primary School. The current playground, purchased in 1997, was moved from an old elementary school as the current Cambridge Primary School was being built. At 25 years old, this equipment has surpassed its useful life and for safety and insurance reasons is seeking to be replaced.

A new PowerScape Play structure and new engineered wood fiber surface is being proposed in place of the existing structure. Support for this Cause Connector project will help defray overall costs. This project will continue with partial funding.

The elements included in the structure will encourage healthy outdoor habits through fun activities and increase social distancing opportunities for approximately 425 students. This will create a fun, safe, environment for students to enjoy for years to come.

FAO staff comments.

Safe and accessible play areas are essential to quality of life for children. This project will help support Cambridge Primary in replacing an outdated, unsafe structure. The new play area will create opportunities for healthy outdoor habits and fun activities.

Project Status
Areas of Investment
Funds Raised

Funding will support the instillation of a new playground at Cambridge Primary School.

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