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About the project.

The butterfly enclosure at Bishop Educational Gardens has served the Hocking Soil & Water Conservation District as an educational display during Lilyfest for many years. But it is time for a makeover. Due to the ever-changing and unpredictable weather patterns the enclosure has not been as effective as a display. The frame for the structure was originally designed and built with the future in mind; it could be converted into a more useful structure when the time was right.That time is now.

A greenhouse would provide Bishop Educational Gardens a place to start native plants, provide horticultural/agricultural education to students during field trips, and would be an excellent tool for pollinator and forestry workshops year-round. Currently the butterfly enclosure is only used during Lilyfest but requires maintenance three seasons out of the year.  

Hocking SWCD/Bishop Educational Gardens is fortunate to have a wonderful working relationship with Webb Perennials LLC owner, Rick Webb, who provided expert guidance on what it would take to convert the structure to a greenhouse. A fan, louvres, and thermostat have already been ordered. Funds are now needed to purchase lumber to create work bench space, a door, small propane heater, 6 mil poly sheeting, and pay a contractor to remove trees that impede the sunlight.

Funding would support safely removing trees that are very close to buildings and powerlines on the property.  Certified experts are needed for the tree removal to create the space for a successful greenhouse. Once complete, maintaining and running the greenhouse would be easy to accomplish utilizing the Hocking Soil & Water Conservation District staff, volunteers, and through student service projects. Seeds, soil, flatspots and other supplies are accessible through local supporters; garden clubsvolunteers of the gardens, and partnering committees like Logan In Bloom. The District has many tools and equipment for maintaining the gardens and the structures that are on the property.   

FAO staff comments.

The butterfly enclosure at the Bishop Educational Gardens has been a staple of the gardens for many years, serving as a stop on many a field trip and visit during Lilyfest. However, the enclosure is due for an upgrade to be an effective display year-round. This new structure would allow for expanded programming and environmental access for Appalachians of all ages.

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$4,000 to support the Bishop Educational Gardens' Greenhouse Program today, and $4,000 to create future opportunities through the I'm a Child of Appalachia Fund.

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