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Art in the Alley is a public art program celebrating the creative efforts of individuals of all ages. Participants create paintings for display in alleys and on building walls in the McConnelsville/Malta community. All persons, especially the majority of residents who do not identify as “artists”, are invited to paint. The sole requirement is the willingness to paint a picture for the enjoyment of others. Art in the Alley is based on the beliefs that everyone can be creative and that artistic expression is primarily for the enjoyment of the artist and others. Participants are provided with a canvas, acrylic paints, and a brush. Paintings are completed at home, then program staff weatherproof and hang the paintings in selected alleys for viewing.  The artwork turns some rather bland spaces in town into interesting and colorful displays of creativity. Paintings are available for purchase, and although a very modest amount, selling a painting really boosts the novice artist’s self esteem and also furthers the program, with half the proceeds going to the artist and half going back into reducing program costs.   

The 2021 initial Art in the Alley was very well received, with artists ranging in age from preschoolers to seniors. We were overwhelmed by support from Morris Hardware, the Morgan County Historical Society, and the wonderful community involvement in providing alley locations to display artwork. Plans for the 2022 Art in the Alley program will focus on reaching more Morgan County residents to participate as artists and to encourage local volunteers to help set up displays and promote the event. 

FAO staff comments.

Community arts programs enable community members of all ages to embrace their creative juices while beautifying their local communities and creating a community event.

Art in the Alley sponsored by the Morgan County Community of the Arts had 150 community members participate in 2021 – they are looking to grow that number in 2022. Your gifts will support the purchase of paint and other supplies to provide an opportunity for community members to embrace their artistic side while creating a community event during a time where we are all eager to gather and commune together.

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Support up to 250 community artists in McConnelsville and Malta!

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